• Incoming materials inspection
  • First article and in-process inspection
  • Final inspection and testing with reports and certifications as required

Production Process

Place Order

Production manager technical analysis

  • Delivery evaluation
  • Analysis and confirmation of processing method
  • Processing risk assessment
  • Marking of special requirements for high precision tolerance
  • Analysis and evaluation of surface treatment process


  • Disassembly
  • Blanking
  • Material inspection


  • Confirmation materials
  • Inventory of incoming quantity
  • Feeding machining
  • Special precision tolerance on-board inspection

Off machine inspection of workpiece

  • Workpiece material check
  • Workpiece size and appearance inspection
  • Counting of workpiece quantity
  • Hand over to the manual department and make records

Manual Department

  • The manual supervisor shall check and record the off machine workpieces handed over by QC
  • Evaluate the manual difficulty coefficient of the order to match the appropriate manual repair
  • The technical supervisor shall monitor and guide during manual repair
  • QC sampling inspection during manual repair
  • After manual assembly, count the quantity and hand over to QC for inspection

Finished product inspection by manual assembly

  • Docking manual counting quantity
  • Assembly test
  • Part structure dimension inspection
  • Inspection of appearance, edges and corners, lines, shape and deformation
  • Count the quantity and hand it over to the grinding department